Worshiping Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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Have you ever come to church and just not felt like worshiping? Or been so caught up in your own thoughts that it’s hard to worship even when you’re in your own home? Wherever you may be, distractions tend to come in and, often times, those distractions can hinder us from worshiping the Lord and receiving what he has for us. Maybe it’s hard to worship because you have a lot going on in your life, or you dislike the song that just started playing. Maybe it’s because you’re sitting at home, the kids are crying, the dog is barking and that cup of coffee just spilled on the floor. Maybe you’re afraid of what others will think of you if you sing along and raise your hands. Or maybe you simply don’t feel up to it today. We’ve all been there. We let distractions come in and if we don’t feel like worshiping we often don’t. It’s not always that we don’t want to. Because deep down we have that pull, that desire to get on our knees and just be in the presence of our Father. But the enemy uses those distractions, our busyness, and our insecurities to hinder our worship. Don’t let him!

That moment when we don’t feel like worshiping, that’s exactly when we should. Yes, you heard me right. When you don’t want to worship, that’s when you should start worshiping. Why? Because worship is a beautiful thing that allows us to connect with God, to see more fully who He is, to take our eyes off our own problems, and to know who He has called us to be. John 4:23-24 says, “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.” (ESV) He desires for us to worship Him wherever we are, in whatever we do.

It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts, to be distracted by others, or to be worn down by the things going on around us. But did you know that God created us to worship? He CREATED us to worship Him. It tells us that in many different places in scripture but one such example is Psalm 100, which says, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! …Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!” (ESV)

That is when we are fully ourselves: when we worship. That is when we can rest in the goodness of our Father and remind ourselves WHO HE IS. It uplifts our spirit and calms our racing heart. It brings hope, peace, joy, strength, and the conviction that God is for us and with us.

We are called to worship the Lord in all areas of our life! Today, I want to give you 3 reasons why we should worship even when we don’t feel like it.

  1. Worship isn’t about how we feel

This is a big one. So much of what society tells us is that our feelings are always right and that it’s okay to act based on our feelings. However, that is not the case. Just because you feel a certain way, or don’t feel a certain way, does not mean you should embrace that. God has called us to rise above our feelings, to speak to our flesh, and tell our spirit to rise up. We can make the choice to worship even when it’s hard. Take a look at Psalm 40 for example. There you’ll see that David was crying out from “the pit of destruction”. I’m sure he didn’t feel like worshiping when he felt so much despair. Yet the Psalm continues and tells us that God drew Him out and put a new song in His mouth! Our God can turn things around. But we can’t stay where we are. We have to choose to rise above our feelings and declare truth over ourselves. We worship because God is worthy. And He is worthy regardless of whether or not we feel like worshiping.

  1. Worship takes our eyes off of our own problems and shows us who God is

When we focus on our problems we’re choosing to let those things consume our thoughts. So what if instead we chose to focus on the Lord? When we do that, there’s a perspective shift. No longer are the problems we face our focus, but instead our Heavenly Father who loves us and cares for us becomes our focus! I heard a beautiful song the other day written by Natalie Grant’s daughter that says, “I’ll turn my cares into prayers and my worry into worship”. I love that. When we focus on ourselves or our worries it weighs us down. But when we turn that worry into worship and choose to put our focus onto Jesus instead of our problems, we see who He is and know that everything will be okay.

  1. Worship changes the atmosphere and our attitude

Worship is powerful. When we worship, chains are broken, strongholds are lifted, and people are healed. It changes the atmosphere around us and breaths the life of Jesus into dead places. Not only that, but it changes our own attitude as well! How many times have you chosen to worship, to truly worship, and stayed upset or depressed? My guess is not many. When we turn our focus onto Jesus and worship Him, not only does it make our worries seem small, but it also changes our mindset. It brings joy where there was sadness, peace where there was worry, calm where there was anger, and life where things were dead. God makes all things new! When we worship Him we can’t stay caught up in our own feelings, instead we’re filled with His life and truth!

How to Worship When You Don’t Feel Like It

Maybe you desire to worship the Lord but you just don’t know how. With all the distractions in your life maybe you’re struggling with laying all that aside and you’re here asking, “But how do I worship when I don’t feel like it?” Today, I want to give you some practical ways to worship even when you don’t feel like worshiping. Let’s get right to the point:

  1. Change your attitude and your mindset

Worship isn’t about you. It’s about giving glory to God because He is worthy and He deserves our worship. We can choose to change our attitude and our mindset. Speak to your spirit and tell it to worship. Speak scripture over yourself. We have authority given to us by God to declare things and to speak things forth. Speak against any distractions or lies of the enemy and tell your soul to rise up and worship the Lord! Romans 8:5-6, “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” (ESV)

  1. Start declaring who God is

There’s no better way to get the focus off of yourself than by speaking out who God is and declaring His truths. Take a few minutes to just thank Him. Do nothing else except thank Him for who He is and what He’s given you. This will not only take your thoughts off of yourself, but it will bring such peace. Let those distractions go and instead thank the Lord for each thing He has blessed you with. When I started taking time each morning to just thank the Lord, I felt a huge shift. I had more peace, I felt more confidence, I knew who my God is, and I came more fully into the woman He was calling me to be. I want to encourage you today to start by thanking Him. Even if it’s for your shoelaces, thank Him.

  1. Put on some worship music when you’re at home

Try to take a moment when it’s just you so that you can focus, sit down, and worship. It’s okay to just rest in His presence and let the songs wash over you. If you can’t get off alone because of your kids, then just hold them or sit them down and have them worship with you. What we take time for shows where our value is. Do we value worship and spending time with the Lord?

  1. Open your mouth and sing

Don’t be afraid to sing along in worship. God desires for us to open our mouths to sing and for us to raise our hands in worship. There is power when we open our months to declare who God is through song. There’s power when we declare who we are in Him and who He has called us to be. There’s a Hebrew word Yadah (yaw-daw), often used in scripture when it talks about worship, that means, “to revere or worship with extended hands”. Raising our hands is a natural expression of excitement! Think of when your favorite sports team wins, or when you aced that test, or when we can join together again in person. What happens? You throw your hands up in the air in excitement! You open your mouth and exclaim! Why don’t we give Jesus that same amount of excitement and awe when we worship Him?

  1. Don’t let others hinder you

Don’t let what others think of you hinder you from fully receiving what the Lord has for you. Chances are no one is watching you anyway, and if they were I would guess that your brothers and sisters in Christ are glad to see you worship! Be an example to your children and show them what it looks like to worship the Lord. They see you and they want to be like you. Sing, raise your hands, fall on your knees, jump, shout! My parents taught me the importance of worship and my desire is for others to do the same for their children. It’s worth any embarrassment you might face for your children to know that you value worshiping the Lord and for them in turn to have that value themselves. The Lord desires for us to worship him with reckless abandon because He is worthy. 2 Samuel 6 tells us that David “danced before the Lord with all his might” and said that he would “become even more undignified than this”. He wasn’t ashamed to worship, dance, and shout. So why are we?

I want to encourage you today to rest in the goodness of Jesus and to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Worship isn’t about how we feel; it’s about who God is. He desires for us to worship Him because that is what He has created us for! It brings life and draws us close to the heart of the Father. Don’t be afraid to worship him, to surrender your all to Him, to sing, to dance, to shout because He is worthy.

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