Vision Sunday 2018 Recap

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This past Sunday we celebrated our one year anniversary as a church! God has been incredibly faithful over the past year. While we are filled with gratitude for what He’s done, we also know we are just getting started. God’s purposes for Watershed Church are HUGE; in Elgin and around the world.

Four Pillars

We reviewed our mission and talked about the four pillars we want everyone to establish in their lives:

  • Place their Faith in Jesus
  • Fellowship as Family
  • Follow God’s Ways
  • Fulfill Your Purpose

All four pillars come underneath the roof of discipleship. Everything we do from fellowship to Bible study to outreach is for the one purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

1. Second Weekend Worship Service

We’ve seen our Sunday morning attendance grow 11% in just the last six months! When we began services in our current facility we knew multiple weekend services would be in our future. We’re excited that time has come and in 2019 Watershed will be adding a second worship service.  The exact date of that launch and service times are yet to be determined but you can let us know what service times you’d love to see by taking this super short survey.

We also want to make sure each weekend service is a place that you can be excited to invite family and friends and a place they can hear the clear gospel message of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ.

2. Revamped Midweek Format

The vision is not that everyone knows everyone, but rather that everyone is known by someone. – Pastor Scott

The Christian life was never meant to be walked alone and discipleship happens best when we are in genuine relationship with one another. Pastor Scott encouraged us that “the vision is not that everyone knows everyone, but rather that everyone is known by someone.” With that in mind, we have revamped the format of our midweek gathering from a worship service to various groups that combine teaching with interactive discussion and relationship building. Wednesday evenings now include a men’s group, women’s group, youth financial class, and children’s ministry.  We began these groups on October 3 and this current session will continue through December 12. You can find out more here.

3. Using Technology to Move Beyond Sunday Morning

There are 168 hours in each week. If you’re a regular church attendee, you’re in church services/groups between 1-3 hours of those 168.  Our faith was never meant to be compartmentalized to only a few hours a week. God’s Word works in our lives every hour of every day. In the coming year, we want to use technology to take what we learn together on the weekend and find ways to connect it to our Monday – Friday lives.

To do this we need to invest in both audio and video equipment that will better allow us to produce high-quality teaching and encouragement both on Sunday mornings and to be distributed online.  Much of our audio equipment was pieced together by donations from other FCA churches to help us launch in 2017. Other than smartphones and tablets, we have no video equipment at this time. Over the next 6-9 months, we want to raise $15,000 to upgrade our sound equipment and $10,000 to begin investing in video equipment. If God would speak to you to help in this area, you can give online or text any $$ amount plus the word “TECH” to 84321.

4. A Future Home For Watershed

We are incredibly thankful for our current facility and the wonderful place we have to worship and fellowship, but we are believing to own our own facility in the near future. God has called Watershed to be a place where people are equipped to go out and multiply His kingdom by making more disciples. With that in mind, we have launched a building fund to begin saving towards our future home. The goal is to raise $400,000 by 2022 and with God’s help and the generosity of our church body we know this goal can not only be met but exceeded! If you would like to give toward’s our future home, you can give online or text any $$ amount plus the word “BUILD” to 84321.

Here are a few pictures from Vision Sunday and our One Year Anniversary Celebration!

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