Missions Update: Southern California and Tijuana

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We welcomed another missions team home last week — after a frantic ministry schedule that put them to work in both Southern California and Tijuana, Mexico. We had a really diverse team on this trip — some have done missions work before, others were on their first trip; one spoke Spanish well, the rest a little or not at all.

But everyone put the mission first, worked really hard, and blessed the local ministries that we went to serve.

Missions Work in Riverside, California

We spent the first half of the trip working with Riverside Christian Assembly in California. Pastor Drew Brattrud and his church have a fantastic ministry, focused on reaching out to their community and providing a safe place for kids to come hang out and hear about Jesus.

We were able to help them put in a volleyball court, renovate an RV, and do a ton of little cleaning and maintenance projects that the church building needed. Our team also participated in outreach, inviting people from the local area to come and join RCA for games, fellowship, and some upcoming events they had planned. It was great working with RCA, and we hope to come back again sometime soon!

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Missions Work in Tijuana, Mexico

When we finished up at RCA, we headed down, south of the border, to La Fuente, Tijuana — a growing young church of about 120 that is dedicated to changing not just lives, but the city of Tijuana itself.

Immediately after arriving, we visited the red light district, with prayer teams from LFT, to pray with prostitutes, homeless, and anyone else that would allow us to speak to them. It was a bit of a shock for most of the team, and helped them set their minds on what’s truly important, I think.

We got settled in at LFT, and helped them complete a major project: cleaning and repainting their children’s classrooms! La Fuente Ministries, and especially LFT, have a major focus on reaching children for Christ, even if the parents never come along. Our days were spent working on the classrooms, but our evenings were partnered with LFT’s youth ministry, Anormal.

We helped them with a large outreach event, where we got to invite dozens of youth and young adults along the Tijuana beach to come join us in worship and prayer around a bonfire. We’re praying that the seeds sown into those lives last, and they start going to Anormal regularly.

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Experience Missions with Us!

We do trips like this one several times a year, as well as tougher trips with a more specific focus. If you feel God calling you to get involved in missions, but don’t know where to start, consider joining us on an upcoming trip. We know that God will provide the right people for each trip. He always does.

We can help you raise the funds, and I promise it will be well worth it! Everyone who goes on a trip agrees that they went to be a blessing, but got so much more in return. Serve the Church, and hear from God in a whole new way.

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