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The greatest tool any of us has when studying the Word of God is the Holy Spirit within us.  Every time we open a Bible, we should ask Him to show us what we need to learn from our time in study.  However, many before us and many more today have spend countless hours in study, analysis and meditation on God’s Word, and learning from their wisdom as we study can help us to process and understand what we are reading more easily.  Below are some useful tools you can use when studying scripture.

Blue Letter Bible – or iPhone or Android App

The Blue Letter Bible includes a concordance, interlinear translations (Hebrew & Greek word meanings), lots of commentaries and more.  This is Pastor Scott’s favorite study tool when preparing for a message, and he says that the phone app is very easy to use.

Andrew Wommack Online Commentary –

One of the best commentaries out there, the Andrew Wommack Online Commentary is a free verse-by-verse commentary by Andrew Wommack on 16 of the New Testament books, from Matthew to 2 Timothy.

Got Questions: Over 500,000 Bible Questions Answered –

If there’s a passage that you’re unsure what it means or just a Bible question in general, try this site.  Most likely there’s something related to your question.  While most of the answers here are biblically sound and the authors are generally reliable and educated, always cross check them with your overall understanding of scripture and what we believe as a church.

Bible Hub –

Bible Hub is great for viewing a scripture in a bunch of parallel translations.  Just enter a Bible reference in the top search box, and the site opens the verse in all the translations and commentaries available in the left column.  Along the right column you can find some helpful tools like the context of the passage, cross references and the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

This is similar to the Blue Letter Bible, with commentaries, lexicons, etc., but you will find some additional resources here not included on Blue Letter Bible.

Every time we open a Bible, whether to study only for ourselves or to teach it to others, we can learn something new and exciting, even if we’ve already read every word before.  These tools don’t hold all the answers or address everything there is to learn from scripture, but they can help us to understand more easily and give helpful insight.  We can’t discount the wisdom of the many men and women who have spent years studying the scripture before us, nor can we place all responsibility for studying and understanding the Word on them.  Each of us must study for his or herself, asking the Holy Spirit to guide our eyes and our minds, but we have access to more resources to help us in our study than anyone before us in human history.  What an incredible blessing that is!  Let’s not waste it.

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