Four Resources for Teaching Kids God’s Word

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Most parents recognize the need to be immersing their child’s heart and mind in God’s Word, but making it happen on a regular basis can be a challenge, particularly in a way that’s engaging and captures their attention. Making God’s Word part of your child’s life doesn’t have to look like a 30 minute family devotional every night. As with most things in life, consistency is key and some of the best times to talk about the Bible are during a meal, while riding in the car, or as you’re putting them down for bed. Thankfully there are many creative and free tools available to help parents engage their children with God’s Word. Here are four of our family’s favorites:

YouVersion Bible App for Kids

 This app is specifically designed to engage children with 41 of the “big” Bible stories while helping kids understand the overall story the Bible is telling. Kids can read the stories themselves, or younger children can have the story read aloud to them while interacting with animations and games designed to help them learn and retain key Bible concepts. The Bible App for Kids is available on most tablets and smartphones.



Daily Audio Bible for Kids

The Daily Audio Bible is essentially a podcast which also has a dedicated app with the mission of “guiding a Christian’s worldview into an intimate and daily friendship with the Bible.” The kids version of the Daily Audio Bible will take your kids through the New Testament in a year.  It is narrated by kids, and then the passage’s meaning is discussed following the reading. The DAB is a great way to get your kids into the Bible everyday, and can easily be listened to in the car or during breakfast as each episode is between 5-10 minutes long. We’ve been amazed at how much our boys look forward to listening to the DAB every day.


Seeds Family Worship

If your kids love music, Seeds Family Worship is a great resource! Music is a great way to help kids memorize Scripture, and Seeds has 12 albums full of great music. Each song is also a verse or passage of scripture. Some may remember Scripture music from the past as geared only for little kids or overly cheesy, but Seeds music is done very well and easy on parents ears too! You can find Seeds Family Worship wherever you get your music, or check out their YouTube channel.



Superbook began as an animated video series with two time-traveling children and their robot friend that taught kids the Bible. While Superbook videos are still a great tool for kids, the series has now expanded to included a full-fledged interactive kid’s website and a mobile app, with games, contests, a radio station and of course videos.



There is absolutely no substitute for one-on-one or family conversations about God’s Word and how it applies to our lives, but the above tools can be great resources to get those conversations started, and a great substitute to much of the mindless, empty and sometimes damaging entertainment the world so eagerly offers our children.

I love how the Passion Translation paraphrases Proverbs 22:6

Dedicate your children to God and point them in the way that they should go, and the values they’ve learned from you will be with them for life.

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  • michael ingham

    Very helpful blog. Thanks for the resource suggestions. We will be passing this on to our kids and grandkids. Even as an adult, sometimes I like watching/listening to this kind of thing. Truth is Truth regardless of the packaging!

  • Jen

    Thank you for these tried and true resources. I just called the kids down “bring your tablets, it’s time to get some apps!”

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